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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Peraanmai - Movie Review

To describe this movie in one word, I would say - It is Impressive!!!

Though the first half is slightly boring (OK I accept it was really boring), the real movie starts after the interval. From then on the story picks up speed, and with the excellent camera work, editing and awesome forest location, this movie brings in many things, that we have seen in some english movies.

The story is about an efficient forest ranger, coming from a scheduled tribes, who has got his post through the reservation quota and five NCC girls, going into the forest and fighting against few foreign agents, who come inside the same forest with a dangerous motivation.
Jayam Ravi as the forest ranger, has played his part very well. He has worked a lot for this movie - which brings a different Ravi, we have seen in his earlier movie. The five girls in the movie were also impressive. Vadivelu comes then and there. One cannot expect much from him, in a plot like this. That Gigantic Villain was too good to watch for his physique. I guess his food would have cost more than Ravi's salary :-)

Director Jananadhan should also be appreciated for bringing the sufferings of the forest tribes on the screen - though most of the dialogues about them in the first half are censored. As mentioned earlier, the camera and editing are awesome in the movie. The music could have been a little better, or even if it was good it didn't impress me much.

Overall Peranami is a good action movie - without the normal masalas of our tamil cinema.

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Blogger Venkat said...

So I have to spend the entire first half eating popcorn?

9:23 PM  
Blogger Vetty Officer said...


I heard that Aadhavan is good in the first half - so watch that movie for the first half and then see this movie from the interval.

Our movies should comedown to 1+ hours. Most movies have the real entertainment only for that duration.

5:01 AM  
Anonymous Pradeep said...

I think you have slightly overrated this movie.. immaturity right from the first scene.. He has shown the day-to-day stuff of the tribal.. not their sufferings.. and nothing that would to good to them..

Forest locations were good.. and training the youth on national interests concept is appreciable.. for the pervert in me.. i liked the B grade jokes by the girls.. :D

1:33 PM  

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