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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Chennai boy steals Rs. 8 lakhs from his home to buy a luxury car..

This is an interesting incident that had happened in Chennai, which I read in a newspaper yesterday:

A young boy, from Chennai, aged only 16 had stolen Rs. 8 lakhs from his own house to buy a luxury car. The family already had 3 cars, but the parents didn't allow their boy to drive the cars, because of his age.

This boy stole Rs. 8 lakhs from the home and with some help from their house driver, he bought a new car, registered in the drivers name. It seems that every day ,after school, this boy along with his girl friends, used to drive his new car all around the city. Then he will park the car at the driver's place and go back to his home.

Whats more funny in this story is that, only after few months the parents realized about some big amount of money missing from their home and sought the help from police. Chennai police, on their investigation, found that the driver had only recently bought a luxurious car. When the driver was treated in the police way, this entire story had come out.

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