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Friday, October 23, 2009

Infosys Narayana Murthy turns VC

For most of the Indian Entrepreneurs this man is the role-model. He, along with six other friends and some money (which he had borrowed from his wife) founded the Infosys company in 1981.

In the last 25+ years Infosys had grown tremendously to become an IT giant and certainly one of the reasons for India to shine in this IT industry.

Today's news is that Narayana Murthy had sold some part of his shares in the company (worth about US$ 38M) and is planning to fund that money to brilliant Indian Entrepreneurs. His firm has plans to fund start-ups in health-care, education and nutrition.

US$ 38 million is a huge money for India. With that money and his mentoring, I hope the Indian start-up and the whole ecosystem will have a great future.

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Anonymous Pradeep said...

Also Bill Gates is investing in millions.. in agricultural research or something..

1:26 PM  

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