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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Castrol Bike Zone, Velacherry - the worst bike service center

To put in simple words, to me the service at Castrol Bike Zone, Velacherry is horrible!!!

Few days back when I left my bike for service to this people, they said that there is a major problem in the engine. To fix that problem it would cost INR 8k +.

Since that was a little big amount, I asked them to only service the bike then and I would do that reboring in the coming month.

The bike was not ready at the promised time. I had to call them several times to get my bike.

When I took my bike after the service, there was a strange rattling sound coming from the engine. They argued that sound was already there when I left the bike for service. They said that the sound was because of that engine problem. They added that if I dont do that reboring, smoke emission will be more, milage/pick up will go down and many more threatening blah blah blah

After one week the sound started increasing. This time I took the bike to a near by authorized hero honda dealer. Their mechanic inspected the noise and said there is nothing to worry about engine, the problem might be with the small timer chain within the engine. They quoted only 800/- for this.

Later when they checked the engine, they found nothing was wrong with the timer chain. They only had to tighen the chain and replace the cam chain. They charged only Rs. 300/- for this.
Now my bike is smooth and normal.

For such a small problem, those people at the Bike Zone wanted Rs 8000+. If I had listened their words, then it would have been a loss on my part. How cheap they were to cheat me, who didn't know much about the engine details of the bike.

From the internet, I find that I m not the only victim for these people. There are many incidents like this. Now I doubt, if they themselves had loosened that chain to increase the noise in my engine.

Whatever it may be, now they have lost another customer. I feel the small workshops on roadside are more loyal to customers than this branded service center.

Hope they correct themselves in future, so that such things don't happen again.



Anonymous Ashish Tuscano said...

In mysore there are 2 bike zones, the place I gave my bike for service was near Kuvempunagar (Double Road). I was always a fan of bike zone and trusted them for their quality of service. This time though, it was a whole different experience.
It started off with the opening, the official time for opening was 8am, and when I arrived at 8:20, nobody was there, except a person who was cleaning the glass. The place was "officially" open, but, no mechanic or manager present. It was only at 8:40, did some finally manage to come and take the bike for service. Now, I know 20 minutes may not be much time, but for a working person who has a manager who is very particular about coming early, it is quite a big deal.
Sadly, the situation, for me, gets worse. The guy does not take a test ride or anything, he noted down my complaints and gave me the slip and promptly told me to come at 6pm.
At about 4pm, I get a call saying my bike is ready, and the service charge is Rs. 275. I was happy and said I would come at 5:30 and collect the bike. Within 5 min, I get another call saying that one of the issue I reported has not been solved and it would require the purchase of a part costing 300. I accepted.
I got a call around 4:30/5 stating the bike was ready and to please come and collect it. When I go to bike zone at 5:30, to my horror, the person incharge says the problem still persists and the bike cant be finished on the same day. Needless to say, I was angry, they changed a part costing Rs. 300 and that did not solve the issue, so why did that part need to be replaced anyway? None the less, they assured me that solving the issue wont be costly and would be done, but only after 2 days (since the next day was may 1st and a holiday). Though this was a major inconvinience, I accepted since I was under the assumption that a well serviced bike is worth the wait.
On the 2nd of May, there was no communication from their end about the status of my bike, when I called them at 3pm, they said it was still being worked on. When I asked about the bill, they said it was 1k!! When I mentioned that it was too much for the minor issue and would not be keen on replacing the part, they cut the line off half way. After half an hour, they call me again saying the bike is ready and it will cost me 600, 10 mins after, another call saying bike is not yet ready and will cost around 1k!!.
Irritated, I went to castrol bike zone after work to find out how they decided to replace so many parts without calling me and informing me of the cost. When I reached, the bike was apparently ready and the bill was Rs.1005!! ( a whole 5 times increase to the original cost!). When I demanded as to on what basis they changed all the parts without calling me and expalining the costs, they blatantly lied telling they had informed me about it on 30th evening! I said, the cost was not informed and I would not want the new parts. To which the guy arrogantly said, if that is the case, we will remove it and charge you Rs 500 as labour! My arguments fell on deaf years and I was literally hustled out of my money with them screaming and yelling that we worked on the bike for 2 days (like it was a favour for me!!). I came out, very unhappy. I was cheated out of my money for a minor issue and some major issues like the front wheel fork bend were not even attended to.
I just wish and hope my experience would serve as a detterence for all you bike lovers out there who go in expecting "world class" service.

9:02 PM  

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