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Friday, March 05, 2010

...and this is damn serious!!!!

There is a popular saying that goes like this "Time heals what a reason cannot". Yes, that's the power of time. But unfortunately, sometimes even some genuine things get lost/forgotten in the same course of time. That is really bad. (Just like how we all have forgotten our super cow-boy hero Ramarajan)

Well, being a common-man, I cannot turn the whole world upside down to save these things. But still today I can record as many good things I can in the internet, for the future generations to search, read, admire and why not even celebrate.
Justify Full
Here is one such attempt to preserve a truth in the history and that truth is - I am a Cricket Player!!!

I know some of you cannot tolerate this. Check the below image to see how I was portrayed in our team's website (for the intra-company cricket tournament)

Still you don't believe me. Just see the below picture to see a sample of how well I bowled on that day.

The batsman, even after trying to play like tennis, couldn't touch the ball with his bat. Don't miss the terror expressions in the runner's and umpire's faces. You believe it or not - the truth is always truth - I am a cricket player... cricket player... cricket player!!!

Well, if you want to know why I didn't bat and just stopped with bowling. Here is the history for that.

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Blogger D'pak M said...

thanjai kalvettu la sedhekee vakaanum da...

8:44 PM  
Blogger Vetty Officer said...

//thanjai kalvettu la sedhekee vakaanum da...

amam da.. Idhu enakku thonama pochae!!!

10:49 PM  

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