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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ross Island @ the Andamans and few Thathuvams...

On day two of our trip to the Andaman Islands, we went to this tiny island called Ross Island, which was just few kilometers away from the Port Blair.

In short the history of the island goes like this - During the British rule, this island was like the administrative capital of the Andaman Island. The British had all their offices, church, hospitals and residents constructed in this Island.

Then during the second world war, the island was attacked by the Japanese, who later took control of the island for next few years. After the world war, again the Ross Island came under the British control.

Then there was a big earthquake in the island - ruining all the buildings in the island. Today only the ruins of these buildings could be seen in the island. The damaged Church in this island have already come in many tamil movie songs (Uyirin Uyirae in Kakka Kakka)

What was more interesting to me were - the trees that had grown over the ruined buildings. The roots of these trees could be seen spreading all over the walls of the ruined buildings.

We grabbed the island from the nature and fought among ourselves to control it, but finally the Nature itself is taking the control over its property.

Idhan vazhkai...

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