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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Touching incident and the Chennai Police

Today's morning newspapers had this news : The organs of a young boy, who died in an accident, were donated by the boy's parents.

A big salute to the parents who took such great decision even during a sad time. My prayers for the family.

The Chennai Police have also played a wonderful role to take the the heart to a hospital which is 20 km away, in just 10 minutes. Good Work by the Police!!!

Interesting narration about the incident HERE

Hindu article about the incident HERE

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Endhiran Photos


Vadivelu Sirrrrrr......

Few newspaper said you have imitatedAjithkumar in your next movie (Villu) - just as you did it in Pokiri (for Surya.) Few of his die hard fans felt this as an insult to their hero and attacked your house and office.

Where did our Captain come in this?

If you want to sit in the CM chair in 2011, do that directly. Enga singathae chinda venam!!!

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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

will bugs lead to disasters???

New Feature...

I want this new feature in my bike. By pressing a button, I want my bike to get converted into an huge road roller.
only then the truck drivers will be afraid to drive in the wrong side, when a two wheeler is coming in the opposite direction.

Chinna vandee otina elakarama... rascolugala!!!

Monday, September 08, 2008

Endhiran - the Robot

Shooting for thalaivar's next movie "Endhiran - the Robot" starts today. Shown below is the publicity poster released today - this time No Rajini, only an animated image of him (I guess)

Now the same distributors - who were shouting against Rajini for the Kuselan loss - will be standing in queue to get the rights for this movie. Thats Rajini!!!

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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Banana Leaf Meals and Usability!!!

South Indian meals are usually served in banana leaves. It is believed that these banana leaves give a special taste to the food, when served in it. Another main reason is that these leaves are easily available and this is the only leaf, that has enough space for the food we eat ;-)

There are plenty of interesting usability things, in serving the food.

1. The Leaf is placed such that the larger portion of it comes on the right side of the eater - so that is easy access and also there will be more space to mix the food.

2. Sweets, which are supposed to be had first during functions, are kept at the right side bottom (In Andhra, Pappu is kept at this right side bottom)

3. Rice is served at the center of the leaf (frequently accessed area), so that there is lot of space to create the rice well and then fill it with saambar.

4. Kootu, Poriyal and other side dishes are served at the top, to be taken now and then.

5. Salt and Pickle which should be taken in low quantities are placed at the left top corner (rarely used real estate)

6. Papad is placed at the left bottom, becase that is the only space available :-)

and I m trying to figure out why the leaves are closed from Top to down and not the other way!!!

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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Why Chrome??

Almost everyone is excited ( just like a thalaivar's new movie) about the launch of Google's Browser Chrome. From the first sight, the UI is attractive and the pages are loading much much faster than Firefox and IE.

However this is only the beginning - Chrome has a long way to go to match FF.

btw, why this name Chrome???

Did some search and found from the internet that Chrome was an highly anticipated Multimedia project from Microsoft, which was later put to end of life. Is this name Chrome from that Chrome?

or is there some relation with our Chrompettai in Chennai???

but one thing for sure, these days my mind is thinking about absolutely useless things ;-)

UPDATE: Browser is build over an open source project CHROMIUM
image from: www.flickr.com

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