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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

7 desires of 2007!!!!

First accept my wishes for a Happy and prosperous New Year 2007 and this small bunch of Roses!!!!

Everytime when a New Year comes, the first thing I do is to take up a resolution and then forget that after sometime [;-)] So this time I have decided not to take up any Resolution and hence not spoil the good meaning of that word - "Resolution" but instead take up something else...

I m goinna have 7 desires for this year 2007 - yes... the 7 from the 2007!!!

Well... don't research the difference between these two terms. I think "Desires" aren't as strict as "Resoulutions".

So here are my 7 Desires for 2007....

1. Reduce my body weight by atleast 10kg .

2. Do atleast 10 satisfying software features/components .

3. Save minimum of Rs. 2K every month.

4. Buy a Home (ofcourse a Home Loan)

5. Buy a Car (Again should be from a loan)

6. Get smarter in Life and Profession (To be simple I want to increase my productivity within the office hours and spend more time with the family)

7. Well this is a personal one.. I ll post it later when it happens..

I wish all my desires come true by this year end with your cheers and blessings and even if I fail in any of them - never mind there is always a second chance.

Note: Are your ready with your 7 desires? Come do join the Club and drop a comment here for me track your desires.